dbjapi idea plugin 1.1.1 for Windows 10


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dbJAPI is a Java API and Tool for SQL processing and code generation. It provides a comprehensive GUI for processing SELECT, CREATE, DELETE, INSERT and UPDATE SQL Statements. Furthermore it generates the Java code for you.

Here are the main advantages of using db-JAPI:

* Provides comprehensive GUI for SQL Connections, Statements and ResultSets

* Generates Java Modules and Classes based on your GUI settings and selections

* Fully supports dynamic multi-level ResultSets processing

* Provides listeners, at every level, for quick and easy control

* Provides the mechanism for easily moving data from one data-source to another

* Provides a solid multi-threaded design with thread safe classes and functions

* Provides many utility classes for useful everyday application tasks

* XML based classes for storage, retrieval and transportation of all data

* Provides a well documented JavaDoc with examples

* Runs on all Java Platforms